The Popular Front

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The Popular Front
Leader Carops
Secretary Kroscko
Founded 27 November 2006
Political ideology Left-wing, Populism
Color(s) Red
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The Popular Front is currently a party coalition. It is the ruling political party after Fernetti's election victory in late December 2006. It has in excess of 10 members and combines the Liberal, Socialist and Labor parties. It's first leader Farlane left it after its creation and after a leadership ballot, Cheesyweesy became first Leader of the Opposition and PF Leader. Following a misunderstanding as to how the Opposition system works, including the concept that the leader is also the party's candidate for Prime Minister, Fernetti challenged for the leadership and won in a partyroom contest 6-4. The PF contested the December 2006 elections and won. Te PF won a term of government for December-February 2007, the Prime Minister is Fernetti, and Prime Minister Kurt is be Deputy Prime Minister.

After the resignation of Prime Minister Fernetti, Random Textbox Imputs briefly led the party as caretaker Prime Minister in February 2007. After a party ballot between Carops, Prime Minister Kurt and Cheesyweesy, Carops became the new Leader of the Popular Front and won the party a second term in government in the March 2007 Election. Carops is the Current Popular Front Prime Minister.

Since the Popular Front became Prime Minister there has been a renaissance in Liberalia. The dwindling population has seen a boast in immigration to the region and activity has multiplied. It a vast improvement in only a matter of weeks considering the Liberalian Depression that marked the Libertarian Fishyguy Government.

Leaders of the Popular Front

Cheesyweesy: December 2006

Fernetti: December 2006-February 2007

Carops: February 2007- current

Deputy Leaders of the Popular Front

Prime Minister Kurt: December 2006- February 2007

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